Extraordinary Stories of Britain

Extraordinary Stories of Britain is a podcast packed with fun and informative tales from our island’s long and storied past. Visiting little-known corners of history, shedding new light on familiar faces, uncovering unusual - and sometimes bizarre - facts along the way, this is the podcast for anglophiles, history buffs, and anyone interested in finding out more about the UK. From killer queens to grime and punishment, from medieval medicine to celebrity cats, from secret sewers to pickled philosophers, we leave no historic stone unturned. The pod is brought to you from the British Guild of Tourist Guides - the UK’s only national organisation for history and tourist guides. www.britainsbestguides.org

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Wednesday Nov 17, 2021

Women in Science.   Seven stories of women determined to bring their discoveries to the world.    Hear about pioneering fossil hunter who left us with a famous tongue twister, and the creator of the world’s first computer programme.    Find out about nurse who stopped hospitals from killing their patients,  and the inventor who saved thousands of soldiers from gas poisoning.   Hear how a brilliant chemist was robbed of a Nobel prize by her colleagues, and listen to the story of Britain’s first,  and only,  female Nobel winner. 

Wednesday Oct 06, 2021

Why are hundreds of skeletons hidden under a London market?   Which disease was cured by frogs? Where can you find the skeleton of an “Irish Giant”?  Why did the Queen's doctor prescribe rooster testicles?   Was there a 17th century inoculation for smallpox?  What was the Soho plague?

Friday Oct 01, 2021

Which British warrior queen decapitated Nero?    Why did Elizabeth I meet an Irish piratess?   How did England’s 17th century female spy escape from Holland?    Why did Margaret Bulky become a man?  Did a Hindu queen defeat the British army?    Who were the suffragitsus?   Hear the tragic story of the special-ops agent who won the George Cross.

Wednesday Sep 01, 2021

Discover the gruesome truth about Anglo-Saxon border markers  Find out who was sewn back together after their execution  What happened when a York gladiator was bitten by a lion?   Which Elizabethan courtier’s body part ended up in a cupboard? What terrible sight greeted people entering the City of London?      What horror washed up in the River Thames in Barnes?    Half an hour of extraordinary stories about heads without bodies.  



The podcast is brought to you by the British Guild of Tourist Guides

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